Let’s list up the features:

  • Western Water Bears theme
  • Weapons, Weapons, Weapons! From a badass drone attack to firing a taser or even throwing a watermelon. We’ve got it all.
  • Bling Bling in all sorts: boots, jewels, hats, sunnies, skins,…
  • Leaderboards & Challenges
  • Record your game
  • Invite your Friends for a stand off or trigger roulette!
  • Chat
  • Puzzles are based on memory and reaction time tests used in Neuroscience and Psychology, so get smart along the way!



Hi there,

Trigger Bears® is coming to you this summer! We’re proud of what we’ve done so far and now we’re in the final stage getting ready for launch.

PS: Trigger Bears are related to water bears.  They’re the toughest animals on the planet.  So get ready gunslingers!